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Lodis Opera Slim Purse Wallet and Urban Outfitters Hinge Wallet

Lodis wallet and Urban Outfitters wallet post

I can vouch for the Lodis wallet ($90 at Amazon & $115 at ebags). I fell in love with it when I first laid eyes on it about 5 years ago. I’m still using it (same as the red one above only pink). I don’t really carry around little bags so I’m a good candidate for this one. If you are a clutch carrier this might be superfluous. I think it’s great as a carry alone or as an everyday wallet. As you can see, it has all the compartments you need.

The Urban Outfitters one is way cheaper ($20) & still very cool (I like its shiny finish). I can’t vouch for its quality though. I think their names are telling. Lodis is certainly going for ‘sophisticated’ using words like “opera” and “slim”. Urban outfitters refers to its mechanics “hinge”. Either way, both are sleek, functional and timeless.


Erie Basin birthday gift…could it get any better?

Erie Basin Necklace

Saturday night (my b’day eve) a troupe and I had a fiesta and karaoke rockathon. It was extremely exciting to get a gift from Erie Basin the stunning jewelry shop in Red Hook I often taut. The piece is special and quite spectacular (thanks Mike, Hannah, Robyn, and Brian).

I wrote to Russell the owner who was so nice to gave me a little information on the piece’s history. What a gem…Russell and Erie Basin (no pun intended):

“The little notebook is silver plated brass, and was likely made in France between 1860 and 1890. It was probably part of a chatelaine- a belt clip from which hung things usually related to sewing. The fancier chatelaines often had these little ivory notebooks too”.

Russell found both the chain and the pendant in New York, but made the educated assumption that it’s from England or France originally. It’s called a “notebook” because people could write on the ivory tablets inside. I plan to write my heart’s desire, “get a 650+ sq. ft apartment in Park Slope for under $100”.


Trust Your Style blog posts portrait icon illustration

MJM portrait icon

I’ve been quite busy lately making a slew of illustrations for Mary Jo Matsumoto (best name ever) of Trust Your Style blog. I’m having a blast working with her, she’s been so supportive, collaborative, and encouraging. Her designs give rise to so many illustrative and fantasy rich ideas. She’s planning a post with my illustrations and her designs as well as a little interview with me when it all comes together at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, I’m doing the finishing touches. She’s keeping them under wraps but posted the portrait icon (above) I did of her on her blog (I’m so flattered).

It’s been very fulfilling creatively to do this kind of work again and made me realize where my heart is artistically.

More to come soon…


Lucky Magazine online launch, Violet Gaynor: fashion editor, and her favorite high waisted jeans

Lucky Launch

I’m so proud of one of my oldest and best friends (since we were 11) Violet Moon Gaynor. She’s the most creatively fashionable person I know. Violet’s personal style has always been a dichotomy of opposites. She creates looks few can pull off with such aplomb, maintaining an individual style evocative of the fabulous glamour of the past with a trendy twist of now. She’s eclectic yet chic and polished. She can throw on her dad’s shorts, her grandpa’s watch, her grandmothers lace gloves, Prada 4 inch heels, and a tailored coat and stop traffic. She makes it look effortless (It doesn’t hurt that she’s stunningly beautiful).

It’s fitting that she is the new online fashion editor at Lucky online. Violet you never cease to amaze me. I’m Lucky to be your friend all these years.

Peruse Violet’s and the other Lucky fashion crew’s high waisted pants obsessions.

Violet’s favorite pair can be seen and bought here.


Shiny Squirrel launches an online boutique!

Shiney Squirrel launch images

Jessica of the splendid and popular fashion blog Shiny Squirrel is launching her online boutique on October 1st. It will feature limited edition exclusive work by up-and-coming artists and designers. There will also be monthly exhibitions showcasing their work.

I can’t wait to check it out! If it weren’t for my grandmother’s 92nd birthday bash I’d be at Jessica’s launch party in Brooklyn on October 6th. Luckily Jessica and I are going to get together for an interview soon, so stay tuned…
shiny launch