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Anna Capron: Guest post

Anna Capron of Sub-Studio here. Sam asked me to contribute a few posts to Maquette. Sam is an amazing artist, and so I wanted to share some images of artwork that I find uplifting. My thoughts and prayers are with Sam and her family, as they mourn the loss of her father.
A New Flower Is Born – Ana Ventura
Waiting For You – Ana Ventura

Dana McClure: Guest post 2

Here’s Dana McClure again, filling in for me…


I came across the work of spanish artist Valero Doval, with the Winter 2010/2011 cover art of Elephant Magazine. Working primarily in collage, Doval’s work creates intriguing and sometimes whimsical narratives, using people, animals, machines, landscapes and geometric shapes.

Erin Loechner: Uplifting photos

Erin of Design for Mankind is guest posting today.

My heart is breaking for Samantha right now, and although I want nothing more than to take away her pain, I can’t. Time will lessen it, yes, but until then, perhaps some pretty, uplifting images might make her smile?


ice cream

vi kommer aldrig att dö


We love you, Sam. Hang in there.