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Sub-Studio Guest Post: To look at and play with

to look at and play with

I’m in love with Anna’s (of Sub-Studio) post today. These items are perfect nursery decor but also fun for a baby/kid to play with. To me that’s the perfect balance- form and function. Thanks for these swoon worthy picks Anna, I want them all!

  1. First up is the Rufus the Polar Bear rocker by Netto. It’s nice to see something other than the standard horse. I love how the polar bear looks like he’s cruising on a sled.
  2. I also love these iconic mirrors by Petit Collage – shaped like an apple and an elephant and with some pretty sweet, engraved detailing to boot!
  3. When Henry gets older he’s going to need a place to store all of his colored pencils and paints (because you KNOW that Sam is going to impart some of her awesome artistic skills to this child). Paige Russell’s North American Wild Life series of matte white glazed stoneware ‘anything holders’ are perfect for the discerning little boy (and girl)…

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower
I may bring this piece to the show as a print. I was recently commissioned to do it for bloggie a friend in SF. Today we’re setting up the Lady show and I’ll have to decide which pieces to bring. There’s a limited amount of space so we’re all going to have to chose our display pieces carefully rather than just blasting everything up there. I am making prints to show if there’s enough room and this one may be tagging along. Either way I plan to have a big etsy sale after the show with lots of prints and even originals.

I’ll post about the show on Monday and then I’ll go back to regular posting, you know with stuff about: geek chic, old timey moustaches, eadweard muybridge, and yellow polaroids.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend dearest readers. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO.

p.s Thanks to Scoutie Girl for the extremely nice posts on the show and my Hooray for Summer piece.


A girl and her dog

girl and her dog

girl and her dog pattern

I have lots of work to do right now. I’m still getting ready for the Lady show this coming weekend.

Plus, I need to do new submissions for my clients in both illustration and surface pattern. However, sometimes I just need to do a piece for the fun of it. You know what I mean?? I did this one today. I couldn’t resist turning it into a pattern too!

I hope you had such a fun weekend. Happy Monday.


Handmade Nation: Kelly Carumbula guest post

So happy to have the fabulous Kelly Carumbula guest blogging here from Eat Make Read.
Kelly Carumbula post
I grew up going to craft shows with my mom where it wasn’t unusual to see ten booths with country blue duck motifs. I’m sure there are still some out there, but lucky for me (and you) crafts have been embraced by a new generation with a passion for making things. The documentary “Handmade Nation” by Faythe Levine and the accompanying book also by Levine and co-author Cortney Heimerl presents a peek into the craft world and why people are so passionate about it.

The film is being screened across the world, with upcoming shows in Madison, Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois to name a few but you can also buy the book which is full of cool crafters. It makes me happy.
Thanks so much for telling us about this Kelly!!!