Anthology Magazine cover + feature

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I was thrilled when Anthology Magazine asked me me to illustrate their sartorial issue cover (issue 13). I was also so honored when they came over to shoot me in my home/studio, interview me about my book Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines and ask my questions about my illustration career for a lovely feature in the issue. My beautiful and talented collaborator/pal Rubi Jones is in there as well.

Here are two quick snaps of my spreads:

I showed this to Henry and said “you are in a magazine”. He was super unimpressed. Nonetheless, Anthology is such a beautifully designed magazine with such rich and fascinating content. I love it and am so happy to contribute.

Original paintings for Well-Read Women book

Emma Woodhouse
Emma Bovary
Wendy Darling

This week flew by. I’m getting back into the swing of work and putting focus on new ideas and new projects.

This week my book editor, Kate Woodrow interviewed me about the Well-Read Women book making process and I shared scrapped covers, spines and some original artwork on the Chronicle Books Blog. Above are some more snaps-shots of my original paintings that became pages in the book.

Also, an interview/feature on the book came out in the November issue of O, The  Oprah Magazine (I snapped a quick pic of page 38 on instagram). Woo-hoo.

I put together a little press page with links to all of the beautiful features. I’m so honored so many publications I admire were into the book.

Have a great weekend.



Eloise Corr Danch: Inside the studio

ECD_SH_starsilver copywindow detail 1

The moment I met Eloise Corr Danch with her bright beautiful face and quirky eclectic style I knew we’d be fast friends. I’m astounded by her artistic versatility and was completely honored when she agreed to collaborate on the New York Public Library exhibit featuring my book. Eloise created these incredible paper stars inspired by Art Deco/The Ziegfeld Follies to hang alongside mounted art from my book. The exhibit will run through October.

I’m excited to share a little peek inside Eloise’s Brooklyn studio as she delicately created these incredible stars. If you want to see Eloise working in real time, check out this incredible video of her making her signature paper flowers.

Eloise works with a range of clients including: Diane Von Furstenburg, Vogue, Bergdorf Goodman, Harry Winston and Martha Stewart. She does everything from editorials to visual merchandising and prop styling. She’s represented by Art Department.

Good Life Project

I’m truly honored to have been interviewed by Jonathan Fields for the incredible Good Life Project:

Samantha Hahn was born into a world of color and texture and light.

Now a well-known NYC illustrator and author of the forthcoming book,Well Read Women, Hahn’s story is very different from the “counter-industry” stories, like Ann Rea and Lisa Congdon, we’ve featured on past episodes of Good Life Project.

Drawn to the arts as a child, she went to school, got her degree, spent time as a “fine artist” and then teaching. But at some point, the system she was working wasn’t working for her any more. Rather that stepping outside, though, she decided to lean into it. Leveraging the system, but bending it to accomodate the way she felt called to build her craft and her career.

We dive into some really interesting ground in this conversation, including how she broke into the brutally hard to enter world of commercial illustration, publishing and fashion. We talk about the intersection of business and art, why pushing the business side hard and being insanely vision-oriented is one key to success.

We explored how becoming a mom has changed the way she works and creates and lives. And we talk about her forthcoming book, what it’s all about, what inspired her to write and illustrate it…and he she ended up writing a book in the first place.

Letters of Note: David Bowie


I am totally obsessed with Letters of Note. I could peruse it all day long for words of wisdom, inspiration and amusement. This is such a great letter from one of my all time favorite musicians David Bowie to the man who just signed him on with a record contract (November of 1970) filling him in on his life so far :

Dear Bob

I was born in Brixton and went to some Schools thereabout and studied Art. Then I went into an Advertising Agency which I didn’t like very much. Then I left and joined some Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands playing Saxophone and I sang some which nobody liked very much.

As I was already a Beatnik, I had to be a Hippie and I was very heavy and wrote a lot of songs on some beaches and some people liked them. Then I recorded ‘Space Oddity’ and made some money and spent it which everybody liked.

Now I am 24 and I am married and I am not at all heavy and I’m still writing and my wife is pregnant which I like very much.



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young man Bowie
big boy Bowie
kid Bowie