Oliver Jeffers interview


I recently asked Oliver Jeffers, one of my new favorite illustrators to answer some questions about his work. Oliver just launched a new site. Be sure to visit his shop and A World With Coffee project. I know you’ll be as obsessed with his work as I am! See more of my favorite images below the following interview:

1. Have you always loved art?

Yes I have always loved art, though I wasn’t always particularly knowledgeable or eloquent about why.

2. When you were little what was your favorite material to use?

Blue paint. On anything that didn’t move. And some things that did.

3. What made you decide to be an illustrator?

The thought that people would pay me to draw pictures was too good not to try.


Interview with Lisa Congdon: Illustrator, Fine artist, Crafter + Collector

Lisa Congdon 1

I’m so excited to share this interview I just did with the talented Lisa Congdon. Her book A Collection a Day just launched. Lisa illustrates for a range of clients from stores to books. She also shows her fine art in galleries. I am not sure where she finds the time but she’s also a cyclist. I’m drawn to her bold/expressive color and rich textures. Check out her blog, pick up her book and read this interview… without further adieu:

When you were little what was your favorite material to use?

I wasn’t much of an artist when I was a kid, so I didn’t touch many art supplies except in school–and even then I thought I was a horrible artist! I didn’t actually start painting or drawing until I was in my early 30’s. So when I was little, my creative outlet was sewing and I loved working with a needle and thread. I’d make clothing for my dolls, mostly. My mom is a textile artist so I grew up around a loom (she was a weaver when I was a kid) and we did lots of sewing and crafts.

Do you still like working that way?

Up until about four years ago I was a prolific sewer. That’s actually how I got my start as an artist–I was making quilted pillows and soft birds and selling them. A few of my designs were published in magazines and books. As I was consumed with sewing, I caught the general “maker” bug and started to experiment with collage and then finally got really into painting and drawing. It was the painting and drawing that stuck for me and that was the most compelling. I still love to sew but now that I am so busy with illustration I don’t have enough time for it. My sewing machine is sadly getting a little rusty!


My workspace + interview



I’m obsessed with other people’s work spaces. I always fantasize about what my dream studio would look like. My space may not be perfect but it works for me…for now. I was happy to share it with the blog: From the desk of along with an interview.

Chris Long: Illustration and interview

Chris Long Illustration
Chris Long Illustration

Today I’m excited to share a little interview I did with illustrator Chris Long. Chris is represented by CWC-i, my agent as well. He lives and works in London. I find his work so whimsical, fresh, bold, unique and inspiring. Chris was kind enough to answer some of my questions.

Be sure to visit his site, blog, shop and read this interview:

1.Have you always loved art?

Yes, I was always drawing as a child. I grew up in the north west of England so the weather wasn’t great. Staying in and drawing pictures was always going to be the better option.

2. When you were little what was your favorite material to use?

For some reason I liked felt-tip pens. It was probably because of the bright colors and that you didn’t have the mess of painting.

3. What made you decide to be an illustrator?

I had done a Fine Art degree at college and I was disillusioned with that world. I still really enjoyed drawing and I wanted to see if I could make a living at it by doing commercial work.

4. Favorite illustrator of all time?

C’mon! There are so many. I guess I really like the 1930’s and ’40’s era, artists like Will Cotton or Alajalov…

5. Favorite illustrator of today?

Atsushi Hara. He’s really good.

6. What do people complement you most on- in your work?

People mostly mention my colors or that my work is fresh. I do like to make lively, happy images.

7. What do you like best about your work?

Well, I’m always pleased when a piece of work turns out as near or better than I imagined. But I don’t have a specific thing I like best.

I try to create great line, or color, or texture.

8. What’s your dream illustration project?

Ha! A long running ad campaign would be nice! Something where I get to draw a lot of people. Or failing that, a series of book covers. Maybe a classic author, someone like Graham Greene whose novels get re-jacketed every so often.

9. When you are not creating art what do you like to do?

I love music. So I’m always hunting out new sounds- and old ones of course!  At the moment it’s “Song Cycle” by Van Dyke Parks. I find it strangely compelling, not my usual cuppa. I nearly always listen to music while I work.


10.  When you are feeling un-inspired what do you do or where do you go to get the spunk back?

If it’s just not happening for me I like to get out of the house and take a walk. I live in London so there’s no shortage of things to distract you. But I’m always looking at new stuff, either in magazines, exhibitions or online.

I told Chris my obsession with other artist’s work spaces and said that if he felt like sharing, I’d post a photo of his and most likely admire his space. He said, “my desk is always so chaotic, I can’t imagine you’d find much to admire!”. Mine is an utter mess too dear Chris!

Chris Long Illustration

New Years Day: Leigh Pennebaker’s resolutions

leigh Pennebaker's resolutions

This will be my first post of 2011 and my last post with resolutions.  These belong to the beautiful and talented Leigh Pennebaker of Marvelous Kiddo:

1.  Become a better listener, especially with my own children
2.  Design and sew something that I can wear
3.  Stop ordering so much delivery
4.  Dance a little every day
5.  Read more books

I love Leigh’s resolutions. If you have a kid or plan to have one you have to read her blog. She featured my birth story on it a while back. I featured her sculptures.


New Years day here in Brooklyn is shaping up nicely. We got up with baby Henry to play all morning and take a little stroll. Then prepared brunch for my best friend and her fiance who are about to take a 6 month trip around south east Asia ending up in Paris (I’ll miss her) where they’ll get married in a small ceremony (romantic huh?!).

The blizzard snow is melting away. One of my minor resolutions is to get more active again. I used to run a lot and since having a baby I have just not been diligent about it. When he goes to sleep I want to spend time with my husband or work on illustration but resolutions are always hard to keep so if you want something to happen you have to make it happen. We plan to take turns a few days a week jogging in the cold, pitch dark mornings. It sounds bad but I know in the end I’ll be so happy. We’re starting Monday.

Good luck with your resolutions and have a lovely start to your year ; )