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Cozy Button Scarves. Stay warm, stay cool.

button scarves

Can you feel that chill in the air? It’s time for scarves. I’m partial to these button scarves. They’re chic and stylish while totally functional!!! It’s a miracle to find form and function all in one. I own this Mike & Chris one from a few years ago. I feel like I discovered them. I know that’s not true but let me feel clever for a nano second. Now they’re all over. I saw them in Vogue and Shopbop (here’s what their own site says about them). They’re a couple you know. Cute. Anyway the other two brands featured are made by hand. So if you took the handmade pledge this year you’re in luck! Stay warm.

Mike & Chris at Pink Mascara

Room 6, special things for nice people

**In other news Mary Jo Matsumoto over at Trust your Style Blog just relaunched her site with my illustrations on it and is about to relaunch her blog! If you want to see more illustrations go here.


Plush Art dolls

Plush Art Toys

1 Hersenzart via Kitsune Noir
2 More Hersenzart. Oh and here’s her blog
3 Beastieland by Jan Descartes on Etsy
4 Mirkka Hokkanen on Shiny Squirrel

Check out these awesome Wild Thing dolls. That story is still one of my favorite’s of all time. AdamX Maquette’s trusty advisor suggested the link.

Mike another frequent Maquette advisor pointed out this great article about the Etsy phenomena/ craft 2.0 movement here and here.

Also, I hope you noticed Maquette’s little face lift? New banner, new colors. I threw the original one together and never liked it too much. So now it’s revamped. I hope you like the new look! There’s also the new category “portfolio”. It’s a link to the temporary home of my illustrations till the site is done.


Wear Palettes: Taking Sartorialist photos and extrapolating color palettes

Talk about eye candy! I’m totally obsessed with color, so wear palettes is going to become a daily stop on my blog patrol. A graphic design student pulls photos from The Sartorialist and extrapolates color palettes. Great idea!

In other news, I’m artist of the week on Imelda a shoe blog. Also, Uppercase blog posted about my objects of desire drawing. So lovely of them both.

artist of the week




Finally I’m done! Remind me never to promise that I’m going to do some sort of guide or compilation again. It took ages. We’re two nights in to Hanukkah and X’mas is ’round the corner. Hope you delight in the items I’ve chosen. Enjoy them for yourself or as a gift for a loved one….or at the very least as eye candy! Tell me what you think.

Here’s where you can get the goods:
1. ipod cozy: Stitchella’s shop on Etsy
2. stuffed squirrel doll: (where else but) Shiny Squirrel shop
3. Hetty Rose handmade shoes
4. Kate Spade clock
5. LED clock via Mookie Gifts
6. Casio Watch via Le Poste blog
7. Puma watch via Amazon
8. Jack Spade bag
9. Lodis Men’s wallet
10. Jack Gomme tote
11. Lodis hinge opera wallet via Amazon
12. Atwood tool handmade
13. Refurbished rotary phone:
14. Glowing bath lights:
15. Sunjar:
16. Handjob typography book: Uppercase Gallery/books
17. Erica Weiner’s ginkgo necklace: Chocosho
18. Philip Crangi ring: Erie Basin
19. Love & Eight heathered lips t-shirt: Revolve Clothing
20. Giant jellyfish attacking t-shirt: Poketo