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My little fabric sewing collages and Takashi Iwasaki’s fabulous embroidered illustration

my crafty little sewing project
fabric-collage sewing

Takashi Iwasaki found on nebo peklo blog via studiorama blog
Takeshi Iwasaki

I had fun turning little fabric scraps into something. Making these canvases was like painting abstractly, only instead of pigment I used burlap, ribbon, textiles, toile, felt, origami paper and string and sewed it all onto 4X4 inch canvases that are 3 inches deep.

I made 5 of them. I am not so into even numbers or symmetry for that matter.
We have them up on our wall above our desks.

On nebo peklo (one of my favorite blogs out there) I fell in love with Takashi Iwasaki‘s embroidery. She found him on studiorama (a new blog to add to my list of favorites! I have to mention that it’s in Spanish which I don’t speak…but it’s so visually rich I can just absorb the content that way).


Some of my recent work: drawing, painting, and photo

strung out.jpg

The viewer.jpg

About a month ago I did a photo shoot with a modern dancer friend of mine. She was kind enough to let me wrap string around all of her joints and take her portrait as reference for the drawing and painting above.

I’m lucky to have friends like her. Thankfully she won’t ask me to return the favor like back in art school when the subject of your work all of a sudden comes a calling wanting you to run half naked through the snow in the dead of winter for their film final.

I prefer the view from behind the camera, canvas, and paper. It can be fun to be the subject once in a while, though I prefer something a little less explicit than my aforementioned (if slightly exaggerated) anecdote.


Fed Up


eating food-photo-page-image.jpg

food photos.jpg
I love food! I love cooking it, eating it, seeing it, photographing it, and painting it. For most of us food is a very emotional topic. Many people can describe their sordid and often painful relationship with eating. I try to grapple with that in my work. There are more from this series on my site.

Here are some more of my food photographs on flickr.

*I think I’m going to leave this post up for the weekend. Monday I’ll post photos from my trip to Mass Moca contemporary art museum in North Adams Massachussettes. I love the Berkshires!