Juniper Books Summer Collection

I was so happy when Juniper books decided to add their first subscription box, curated by Elizabeth Lane. They asked me to illustrate 3 jackets. The spines feature a vista from a vintage postcard. The covers feature hand-lettered title treatments and collages that speak to the sense of fracture and undoing that holds the center in each story. For the collage elements, I used sheet music that I found in my dad’s office when he passed away. I saved it, hoping I’d be able to use it for something, someday. It was marked up with pen and aged with time so I found it perfect for Trust Exercise. I also used a page from a play I read in high school and never returned the book to my AP English teacher. Sorry about that Mr. Nolan but you can see it went to good use here. I also found the perfect vintage postcard from Maine (for the spine and The Guest Book) and a vintage map to use for collage elements on Disappearing Earth. The color palette feels representative of summer to me.

Just as memories are often grounded in setting, the thread that links these three novels is a strong sense of place, whether it is a family island in Maine, a remote peninsula in Far East Russia, or the stage of a 1980s drama school.

This collection was lovingly handpicked/curated by my friend/ @quarterlane’s Elizabeth Lane and wrapped in limited edition jacket designs that are exclusive to subscribers. I art directed the shoot here as well with @christineshoots photographing and @martha_bernabe prop styling.
The collection includes:
Trust Exercise by Susan Choi
The Guest Book by Sarah Blake
Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips


Afternoon Tea Campaign

I was thrilled when my agency CWC Japan reached out to tell me Afternoon Tea wanted to work with me again on a fun summer campaign. They asked me to illustrate tons of fresh summer fruits, constellations and more for everything from tea, lotion, makeup, bubble bath and work out clothing to tabletop, glassware and more. Below are just a few items they printed my paintings on. They put my name on everything too which is so nice and different than in America.


Le Sport Sac Fall Campaign

I conceived and art directed the Le Sport Sac Fall 2018 campaign.

With the campaign: LES DUEX AMIES, we reflect the cherished core values of LeSportsac (joy, optimism, and self-expression) while speaking to a millennial audience. Connecting modernity and nostalgia this campaign follows two vibrant young women at home and through their weekly ritual of meeting at their work space, followed by some social time and indulgence at their favorite cafe.

I envisioned 4 sets that would each be within a tonal color palette. Styling mood was also tonal and elevated but sans pattern so that the colors and patterns in the bags would pop. Hair and makeup mood were fresh and cool but unfussy with a nod to the 70’s when the brand launched. Subtle pops of color in a strategic cat eye or colored lip made for a whimsical vibe.

LeSportsac is an iconic American lifestyle brand that remains as fresh, appealing, and relevant today as when Melvin and Sandy Schifter invented the signature parachute nylon bags in 1974.

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