Salon Study/Hair Library by Rubi Jones

Salon (STUDY) is a physical space devised by my friend and long time collaborator Rubi Jones.

Diving into the study of hair through a community-built research library and hair studio during a summer residency at @americancopperbuildings.

Behind the scenes, the hair studio will be producing a photographic journal entitled Hair Studies 20-21, which will explore the organic and transformative nature of hair.

Rubi asked me to create some art to showcase on the walls of the space.

Makeup Face Charts for Allure Magazine

“A face chart describes a piece of paper featuring the black outline of a blank, bony face. A completed face chart has been brushed, painted, and trimmed with powder and pigment to create a makeup artist’s rough draft. They are the wallpaper of choice backstage at Fashion Week, where a chart will disseminate from a key artist to the 10 or 20 assistants working under their guidance. Cosmetic counter employees stock stacks of them, so they can illustrate to former and future prom queens the blush placement that would flatter them most at their high school dances and reunions. I took a very brief and pathetic stab at trying to find out who invented the face chart, and got absolutely nowhere, so you will have to imagine that they have been around for decades.”

I love doing these line drawings for makeup artists to fill in….and Allure Mag. to publish.

Bodily: A Resource for Women’s Bodies and Maternal Health

I loved getting back into the studio after a forced pandemic hiatus. I art direct for Bodily, an incredible postpartum resource and shop with incredible gear and undergarments designed with the postpartum body in mind. Here are a few of my favorite images from a recent shoot.

Julia Robbs photographed Rachel Nicks. Bodily only shoots on real postpartum women. I love that.

Reveal Magazine

I love doing hand lettering projects. I get into the flow and do a zillion versions with different brushes and levels of dryness on different papers and play around after scanning too, dropping out the watercolor for flat color etc. This is the title page for a story in the latest issue of #Revealmagazine created by The Property Brothers. I also illustrated Palm Springs for the Sense of Place section opener.

Thank you art director: Phoebe Flynn Rich

Kule X Samantha Hahn Capsule Collection

Today is the day! So excited to announce the launch of a limited edition capsule collection with one of my allll time favorite brands Kule!

“KULE has collaborated with illustrator Samantha Hahn, founder of Maison Rainbow, on a capsule celebrating Pride 2021. A portion of each sale will be donated to Ali Forney, the largest organization dedicated to LGBTQ homeless youth in the country.”

I believe love looks different to different people. There’s no one size fits all. I say give it, get it and let others define what works for them. In my home, marriage looks like gorilla taping a picnic blanket to the mantle and barking art direction about shallow depth of field at a husband holding my iphone reluctantly… who tragically makes everyone and everything he photographs look like Divine in Pink Flamingos. Love looks like, him knowing that he has to help me and me knowing that he’s never going to be an Instagram husband. Love looks like forgiving each other, supporting each other and knowing that the other is the default, the brass tacks, the foundation, the core of everything that we are and do…and all the “in sickness and health” stuff too.