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Marchesa illustrations: NYFW

Marchesa1_Samantha Hahn

Marchesa3_Samantha Hahn

Marchesa invited me backstage during NYFW to capture my perspective before the models hit the runway. Their gowns are utterly magical. The details are beyond exceptional. Models floated around in ombre toile and shimmering gold. It was something out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream rather than a rainy night in NYC. Anyway, I illustrated these images for them to share on Instagram.

Check out some work in progress on my ig, here and here.
Marchesa2_Samantha Hahn

Playing around

Now that A Mother is a Story has come to life, I’m thinking about the next project. I think it might be cool to do another activity journal so I’m playing around with line drawings. I did this one yesterday and played around with various coloring-in styles today. Check it out.