Dessert shaped design souvenirs: Yummy looking treats for you to wear or use.

Dessert designs

I’ve been getting in gear for Valentine’s Day for a little while now. I made my free cards for you and now I’m going to start posting fun valentine gifts and goodies. I’m also going to post a red palette clothing and accessories compilation like I did for brown, blue, and yellow. All this and more before the fun holiday. If you know of any other fun dessert shaped goodies that you want to share, let me know!

1 Wearable dessert designs for you or to give to a sweet girl:

Cherry Broach by Allira Tee bia Chocosho (I keep posting this one, I love it)

Tiffany cupcake charm

Juicy Couture cupcake charm

Cake charm via Inedible Jewelry

2 Dessert designs for your home:

Cake roll washcloths via Fred Flare

3 Dessert designs for your desk:

Dessert Erasers via Fred Flare