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How are you holding up? In addition to illustrated columns for The New York Times and The Cut, I started a new project (and am homeschooling a couple of bonkers kiddos). See below for the full story.

For the last few months, I’ve been building an online art shop called Maison Rainbow: All rainbows, all the time. Then the pandemic hit and I thought, that’s it, I can’t do this. But seeing people sharing rainbows as symbols of hope, I figured it might be the perfect time to put a little light and color in the world. Who couldn’t use another rainbow or two?

Please take a look at the store. I’d love to hear what you think of it. 

Rainbows are the best medicine.

Colors have power. They elevate us to a higher state of mind. And rainbows are the purest manifestation of color in nature. Prescription-strength chromatic medicine for the soul. When skies are gray, we need to fill our eyes with rainbows more than ever.

When you’re lucky enough to spot one of these elusive and luminous arcs, that ribbon of vivid hues is a reminder to be completely present. With Maison Rainbow, I’ve tried to bottle a bit of the rainbow’s magic for you to keep. May the rainbow you select offer you a momentary escape to a place of blue skies and golden sun when things feel bleak.

Take a peek through the gallery. Find a rainbow that speaks to you. If its vibration is in tune with your wavelength, tap in.

Rainbows Are Magic. Believe.


CARRYING ON: A series about the small ways we find happiness in the everyday.

I started a column for NY Magazine/The Cut featuring the ways people are coping and what they’re leaning on in the new normal. Here are the ones that have posted so far: Brandon Maxwell, Cynthia Rowley, Latonya Yvette, Nilou Motamed and Rosie Assoulin. Read the full features on The Cut and stay tuned for more throughout this month. Hang in and stay healthy!



Dans-La-Main is an incredible bag and jewelry company with custom designs handcrafted by artisans across the globe. They came to me to reimagine their site, branding and to create a campaign that elevated their imagery to the level of their incredible product.

I built everything from the ground up, starting with a new logo and site palette/mood and then conceptualized a campaign featuring models representing different ethnicities and generations to convey the style as well as boundlessness of the selection in shop. I curated the creative team, produced and directed the shoot.

Check this project out on my site and peek at some images from our shoot below.