Decor8’s beautiful post about my work and my mini homage to the art/design blog community.

decor8 blog

*Disclaimer: This post is a tad lovey dovey.

I love my community. By community I mean the collective of artists, designers, decorators, and style obsessed bloggers whose thoughts I tune into religiously (each with a distinctive voice and aesthetic). Blogging has been rewarding in so many ways. It helps me to maintain artistic momentum and brings me in contact with creative and fascinating people with inspiring ideas and talents. It’s a built-in network that pulls us all out of a navel gazing vacuum.

I thrive in an artistic community. For example, when I found out I was moving, I contacted Grace of Design Sponge & Mary Jo Matsumoto of TYS for their advice on where to look for dining chairs and tables. Both lovely and very busy ladies had a slew of advice. Even if I had not written them I could have perused their blogs or so many others like Decor8, Oh Joy, and Design for Mankind to name just a few. In blogging there’s no competition, no exchange of money…just the exchange of ideas in the open. We feed off each other, offer encouragement and have the opportunity to share what we love, what we do, and what we find on a daily basis from our studios or homes all over the world.

*Look at this beautiful post Holly of Decor8 wrote about my work. I’m just blown away with what she wrote. While you’re there you must check out the rooms she loves, they’re so inspiring.

Speaking of rooms and decorating. I’m moving all day today!!! Wish me luck!