Jennifer Squires & Alena Hennesy: Beautiful things for you to admire in your home.

jennifer squires

Jennifer Squires just emailed me to let me know about her beautiful photoshop on etsy. I think it would be great to order like 5 prints from her and hang them next to each other on a white wall or cool sky blue. Thanks for sharing Jennifer!! Check out her commercial work here.

I also got a great message in my inbox today, Alena Hennesy who I’ve posted about before here and here is having a blowout sale on select items. I love her stuff. I would buy a lot of it but I’m spending all my do-ray-mi (oh my) on my fabric samples for Surtex. Please (all of you) go and support this incredible designer/artist. I’d like to live vicariously through you. If you do order something drop me a line with a picture of what you got so I can swoon.