My art in the new issue of Lovely Magazine. Plus some link love and unremarkable quirks.


I’m so happy that some of my early patterns are gracing the pages of Lovely Magazine, the May issue. They have some really nice photography and I like their perspective on style and beauty. Take a look at their other issues too.

I just discovered another design blog to love by Summer, a baker, crafter, & mum: Design is Mine just did a complimentary post about my work. Thanks so much! Another addition to my blogroll, check her out.

Also thanks to the stylish blog Vain and Vapid for posting my flying shoe from Urban Outfitter’s blog. I love link love.

On another note, I was tagged by Robyn of Snow White’s Legacy of Lies (I created her shoe logo so check it out) to list 6 of my unremarkable quirks and tag other bloggers:

  1. I do a strange little dance, a cross between robot, running man, and river dance to make my husband laugh when he’s mad at me. Works like a charm.
  2. I set my alarm for 5:06, not 5:05 because I like to steal an extra minute of sleep
  3. I tickle my husband’s neck because it causes him make a noise that I liken to a snake monster. So as I tickle I say “make the snake monster noise”. He does not like this one bit.
  4. I like shoes that remind me of mice. I have little gray Onitsuka Tigers and Marc Jacobs flats with a mouse face. I call both pairs my meesers and they also make me do a little dance that very few people have ever seen, or ever will.
  5. I love to put cinnamon on everything.
  6. I make up songs all the time. They’re kind of like Star Search songs from the 80’s but with lyrics from the banalities of life.