Note/ Occassion Cards: A new addition to my website and Surtex booth. + Mother’s day/doggie photos.

Note/ Occasion Cards:
note and occasion cards
I spent most of the weekend finishing up my new note/ occasion cards. I printed them on 5X7 flats, some with scalloped edges. I’m going to show them in my Surtex booth with the rest of my samples. Erin of Design For Mankind (one of my all time favorite blogs), just posted about them and other applications of my work. She’s too supportive! This week I’ll have all my samples and will be able to show you some more. I added a section to my site with the cards in two categories, abstract/floral and illustrative. Please take a peek.
Mother’s Day:
me mom dandelion
I hope you all had a marvelous mother’s day. My mom is my inspiration. She’s the most artistic person I know and I’m just a chip off the old block. We spent a lovely afternoon together with my brother, dad, and husband. I made a little brunch and then we walked all the way around Prospect Park with our annoying pitbull who pulls and zigzags the whole way.
pita ottoman 2
My husband is a real trooper and did not complain until we got home. Then he collapsed into a puddle from exhaustion. Maybe we should build a rickshaw so she can pull us along. Or maybe we should just beg the dog whisperer to come to Brooklyn to train us how to deal with her shenanagins. She’s a doll at home at least….see?.