Blogorati mentions + Surtex nerves….+ “For Like Ever” is coming to my livingroom soon.

for like ever
I know everyone and their mom loves this poster. Well I do too. Wish I could be original. But I just keep thinking about it. I tried not to order it….but I ordered it. The colors are phenomenal and I feel that it’s so timeless. I can live with it, and enjoy it everyday. It makes me feel good, so it’ll be here in our home soon. Can’t wait. I’m thinking thin white gallery frame with white beveled edge matte.

On another note, I feel very lucky and honored to see my work featured on some of my favorite blogs in the world like Design*Sponge, OhJoy!, Decor8, Design For Mankind, Freshly Blended, Bloesem, Skinny La Minx, Dork…so many people to be grateful to. I really hope I can make a go of pattern making so that all of the wonderful support the design blogorati has given to me will be worth their while. Lots more to do and only one more day before the Surtex set-up.

I can’t possibly begin to thank all of the designers, artists, and bloggers who have supported me by featuring my work on their blog and offering my encouragement. My family knows how grateful I am to each of them for their support too. My husband just set up a press page for me so that I can have a permanent thank you to them on my blog and website. Here’re the links.

I do have jitters about putting my work out there. I am going to try not to be fragile. Some people might like my work and other might not. That’s just a simple mantra I’m going to tell myself.  I’ll try to post photos of my booth and the show…maybe I’ll even get to visit friends at the Stationary show and snap some shots of their booths? So check back in on Monday.

I’m also guest blogging on Trust Your Style. Mary Jo posted the links from yesterday’s post on “Colors to wear and live in“. There will be another post on Trust Your Style by me on Friday and Monday so check there too!!

I wish you all the most lovely weekend ever. I really hope you do something special that makes you smile. Maybe some art…maybe some cooking…maybe some loving?…