artful ceramic bowls from Rare Device and Mesu: form + function. + a coney island anecdote.

I’m bowled over by these delightful ceramics:

bowl me over

Form follows function:

The Mesu bowls make portion-control easy by acting both as a measuring tool and serving dish. Modern minimalist graphics denote the serving size of each dish, from 1/2 to 2 cups. I’ve looked all over and it seems they are sold out right now. They’re such a good idea. Maybe they’ll restock soon? Here’s where they were available, so check back. Mesu bowls (more on Mesu Bowls)

Function follows form:

  1. Rare Device carries these beautifully patterned hand-built tea bowls
  2. Rare Device knit bowl
  3. Rare Device sentiment bowl

I love heather’s post over at Skinny La Minx, about how she does ceramic transfers. I also love these ceramic beauties on fine little day.

Cyclone story:
A couple of years ago my friend Joan and I went to Coney Island and rode the Cyclone. We had a ball. We were screaming and laughing. Last weekend me, Dave, my parents, and my aunt and uncle went to the mermaid parade there. Dave and I rode the cyclone. We both seriously felt like were were in a car wreck. Everyone knows it’s a rickity old wooden roller coaster. But it must especially be in disrepair. My back is killing, and I have a huge bruise on my elbow from where the padding on the bar was missing. Every shockless bump my elbow want clonking into the bar. I feel like I have whip-lash too. Maybe I aged 45 years in a short period of time? Or maybe that coaster needs a little fixing? Sadly, I think this is the last summer for the whole amusement park. I can’t say I’ll be back to ride the Cyclone before the summer is through. It’ll be sad though to see it go. Here’re some old timey photos of my grandparents at Coney Island: Nana, Papa.