Split-second photography: Barbara Probst

Split-second photography

I love these split second photographs that show multiple perspectives of the same moment. Clever idea, beautifully executed. It’s nice to see someone with great art and photo chops. It seems that everyone these days has a top notch camera and the desire to be considered a photographer by taking pictures of pretty girls in the park (to try to get with them). I love when someone has a clever idea and the ability to carry it out.

Here’s a little tid-bit on the photo project above:

“When experienced from many different perspectives, is the instant when a photograph is taken still just a single moment? Barbara Probst’s diptych and triptych photos, taken at the same time from different cameras and points of view, offer multiple versions of a split second. Probst subverts the authority of the lone photograph, but rather than presenting a more comprehensive picture of an event, location, or moment, her work reminds us that even photos are interpretations.”
-Via The Morning News

read more and see more photos by following the link above.