Gregory Blackstock: Outsider artist/collector (guest blog post by Yasmine Surovec)

gregory blackstock
Hi Everyone,

I’m in California. Please welcome the uber talented Yasmine of: a print a day!


Hello Maquette Readers!

I am SO happy (and extremely flattered) to be asked by
one of the most extremely talented and lovely people
I’ve encountered online. And this would be a great
opportunity to share with you some of the things that
I love, and I get to do it in one of the most creative
blogs out there! So thanks Samantha!

I love folk/outsider art. And one of the artists who I
find extremely fascinating is Gregory Blackstock. A
former dishwasher for 25 years, Blackstock is an
autistic and artistic savant who can speak 12
languages, can play any instrument he can pick up, and
can draw just about anything from memory with

I love his book, and some of his work for Commes des Garcons! You can read more about Blackstock at the Garde rail and Seattle Weekly.

And here’s a video of Blackstock showing off his
drawings :):