Treatzone!: Sandy + Matthew’s favorite things


While in San Francisco I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy co-creator of Treatzone.

“Treatzone exists to showcase a small sampling of the many gems in life, some of which are obvious, some of which you may have overlooked, and the best of which we still have yet to find. Always knowing that the joy of life’s discoveries are in direct relation to the complexity of the search.”

-Sandy + Matthew

TREATZONE ALSO HAS A SHOP!  That carries: prints, stationery, and more. Treatzone creators are inspired by vintage materials and imagery, and endeavor to use re-purposed or recycled materials as much as possible (I love that they do that).

I’m so happy to have met Sandy and look forward to meeting Matthew someday. In the meantime I have lots of shopping to do in their etsy shop and reading to do on their blog. You do too.

Start by trying the Davis-Glazier Dizictionary they have on their site! You can inpuzzet some writing like “Samantha loves blogging on Maquette. She enjoyed her trip to San Francisco and meeting Sandy.” And the outpizzet is, “Samantha lovizzes blogg’n on Maquette, yeah! tha damzle’s enjizzoyed tha damzle’s trizzip San Francisco ‘n meetizz’n Sandy.”

They must have hired Snoop to translate! Try it.