Pony Attack!! Amazing T-shirts

Pony Attack

I’d like to have these t-shirts from Pony Attack. I’ve been doing designs lately for t-shirt companies (I’ll show them to you when they’re on the market!). I really love the nature of art created for t-shirts. It’s so accessible and so without constraints. I think some of the best artists out there are lending their hand to the surface of a tee.

Pony Attack is a great little company run by Nathan and Kimmie in San Diego. Their bio is really telling. By that I mean, I think they’d be really fun to hang out with. They have a pug. Anyway, check out their lovely shop. Here’s where you can get their stuff. Here’s their online shop. They sell with Kelly at Little Paper Planes also. While you’re there check out my work in her shop. Here’s my interview with Kelly if you missed it.

Did anyone out there try my hair accessory how-to from yesterday? Craft Magazine posted about it! They also posted Martha Stewart bloopers. I love watching people lose it on tv. Ok I think I’ve given you enough links to patrol today. XO.