Sub- Studio holiday!


Anna and Sean of Sub-Studio are so extremely talented. They just sent over their Catalog, a brand new line of holiday notecards, mini gift cards, gift tags, and ornaments. All items are screen printed by Anna and Sean with metallic gold water-based ink and printed on 100% recycled/30% post-consumer stock from French Paper. The Catalog line features designs inspired by their favorite holiday items.

I personally adore their ornaments that are laser-cut from Technoply Beech Plywood in a raw wood finish, with engraved details displaying a darker layer beneath. Each ornament is hung by a festive red thread. They remind me of Andy Warhol’s ornaments.

I love Sub-Studios hinge cards the best. I think they’d be great for the holidays or everyday…

I can’t believe we’re in November already. Sheesh. I look forward to holiday parties. We usually have a few. My favorite holiday activity though is having brunch with some of my husband’s friends at this cool restaurant Freeman’s Alley and exchanging fun little gifts. I hope Sub-Studio helps you start prepping for your gift giving days….they’re coming up.