Coeur De Pirate: Béatrice Martin and the story of Francis Vachon’s plight to make Canadian music available to Americans

I could not stop watching Francis Vachon’s amazing time lapse video of his baby playing. Besides the amazing visual component of the video, I was enamoured with the music. I emailed Francis to find out about Coeur de Pirate and Beatrice Martin and to tell him how much I loved his video. Sadly I could not find a place to purchase the album. Not on itunes, not Amazon, not even Amazon Canada. So I lamented to Francis who scooped me that an ebay shop had some cds. I promptly ordered one.

I love the blog world. It’s full of wonderful, amazing, creative people out there to support each other, share with each other, and even help each other. Francis just emailed to let me know that he pulled some strings and got itunes to make Coeur de Pirate available so now you can get it!

Thank you so much Francis for making that video and introducing me to Coeur de Pirate! Maquette readers please let me know if you download the album and what you think. Oh and thank Francis!

P.s The love book is a blurb best seller! Get yours now in time for V-day.