Familiar Dreams: Treatzone art show

Familiar Dreams _ Treatzone show

Sometimes I wish I could teleport to California for the weekend. I just got back from a week long vacation in Joshua Tree/San Diego. We love living in Brooklyn but Cali is so amazing too. I love the fact that you can be in a city one minute and on a mountain or by the sea another. So many fabulous artists live there too.

My favorite California art duo Sandy & Matthew, ie.: Treatzone, posted about here and here have been prepping for their art show at Soap Gallery in San Francisco. I’m loving what I see so far. Even the title is clever, I take “familiar” in the “familial” sense. They took old fashioned portraits and  decontextualized them by painting pattern rich psychedelic dream scapes behind them. I love them all and can imagine them together on a wall looking incredible.

“Inspired by the forgotten and overlooked, the pair often repurpose vintage materials and imagery with a modern twist, as well as look for gems in the mundane. In Familiar Dreams they bring us somber Victorian portraits brightened by modern new backgrounds, lightboxes of familiar landscapes refracted and reflected, new screenprints on vintage book pages, and handmade banners of favorite phrases— viewing the familiar through a dreamlike lens.”