Big spring bag round-up: Orla Keily, Moop, Hable Construction, Jack Gomme, Le Sportsac, & Kate Spade

big spring bags

Last weekend I went to a baby shower for the fabulous Abbey and got into a conversation with Lina and Joanna about big bags. Actually the topic arose around diaper bags and how they sometimes look juvenile. We all wondered why having a baby should mean a woman wants to carry around a babyish looking bag adorned with bows and kiddy prints. We decided that a big bag can be glamorous and functional for diapers, groceries, or anything else one might like to tote.

My problem is that my phone gets lost in the sea of wallets, journals, pens, books, and lip gloss floating around in my midsized purse. I’d like to get one of these gorgeous big ones but would have to swear to choose a pocket to stick my cell into and responsibly return it to that pocket after calls (for my husband’s sanity and my own).

Like the featured bags above? Here’s where you can pick them up:

  1. Orla Kiely Perforated Leather Bucket Bag via Twig
  2. Moop The Organic Market Bag (a favorite of Joanna’s. Thanks for pointing it out this fabulous bag)
  3. Hable Construction Leather-Handled Watermelon Checker Overnight Tote
  4. Jack Gomme Empreinte Shopper bag
  5. Le Sportsac Fifi Lapin bag (been meaning to post about this for a while. I’m a big fifi fan. I even have a fifi print in my apt from a couple of years ago)
  6. Kate Spade Thompson Street Noel Stevie bag