Purplethum: Surface Pattern Design Co.


Today, I’m happy to share  another surface pattern design company that will be showing at Printsource in booth E11, this August. Purplethum, a New York based company (yay NYC) has been around for a long time and knows the business really well. They’re known for their illustrative apparel designs and graphic prints. I look forward to meeting them officially at Printsource…so soon! Take a look at some of their amazing graphics and find out more about them in this interview:

1       How long have you been in the surface pattern business?

Purplethum  was founded in 1994 as a studio primarily focusing on Illustration, graphic design, and apparel design. Today Purplethum concentrates on surface design after introducing it’s Boy’s collection in 2004 at the Printsource show in NYC. The line did so well that soon after a companion girl’s line was introduced. Purplethum’s variety of design styles make it’s collections sought after for all types of product, including softlines. hardlines, interiors and paper.

2       How did the you start?

As an outwear designer in 1992 I quickly realized I was in the wrong pocket of the design industry and started Purplethum.

3       Do you work from personal points of inspiration or follow trend watching sites?

Inspiration comes from everywhere!  We are always looking to what’s happening in graphic design
as well as the streets of NYC for emerging trends.

4       If you use trend watching sites for color or motif ideas would you please list your favorite sources? Trend sites are a great starting point but we make sure to find inspiration elsewhere to put Purplethum’s own personal spin on our collection.

5       Plusses and minues to working in a collective or as an individual?

Purplethum is comprised of  a small in house design team collaborating with a variety of designers that we represent from all over the world. Regardless, there is never enough time to get all your ideas out!

6       Anything else you would like to share with Maquette readers about you, your designs, etc.

Purplethum is currently working on a redesign of it’s website. Stay tuned for it’s new look!

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