Happy second year Maquette (free downloadable thank you card)

Thank you card for Maquette readers

Yesterday Maquette turned two! It’s been anything but terrible. I started this blog to share my work, other artist’s and designer’s work that I find inspiring, fashion/style plus other interesting tidbits of eye candy. In the process I’ve made some amazing blogger friends who make up a wonderful community plus real life friends whom I’ve met simply through shared passions. Maquette has become a really wonderful place for me. It motivates me both to find inspiration in the world and to produce work I’m excited to share with you my dear, loyal readers.

So today I share some posts from my archives and a free downloadable card for you (just click on the card above to go to my flickr, then download at original size). I want to thank you so much for joining me here each day. I really love this place and appreciate your readership and support!

Please enjoy the card yourself or feel free to download it and send it to someone who has supported you or made you happy in some way! (It’s so hot here in Brooklyn, I thought I’d make a super summery card for you).

  1. Kate Spade Pink & Orange
  2. Geek Chic Take 4
  3. Der Bilderklub week 3
  4. Vintage stocking ad
  5. Candied chestnut macaron
  6. Air Mail Etiquettes
  7. Mellow yellow