Seb Lester Print: “Home Sweet Home”

Home Sweet Home by Seb Lester

Oh I’m madly in love with this new Seb Lester print, classic adage. It’s really really pricey though. The sentiment is perfect and I love the coolness factor, the Mirri paper changes colour depending on the angle you are viewing it from, and the lighting conditions. Click here to watch Seb’s video showing the colours changing.

  • Limited edition of 100
  • Hand pulled screen print
  • White ink on 160 gsm Mirri paper
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Measures 16.5 by 16.5 inches

I want I want! Anyone looking to buy me the gift of my dreams- this is it!!! No?….oh well.

Here’s where I’ve posted about Seb Lester’s amazing typography before.