“Where the Wildthings Are”: Exhibition of original Maurice Sendak drawings and manuscript

Morgan Libary exhibit "Where the Wildthings Are" Maurice Sendak original drawings

I know the book by heart. I loved it so much as a child. Now I read/recite it to my students and we make life size paper sculptures of their inner wildthing. I cry during the trailer. Fri night…finally I’m off to see the Spike Jonze movie (it’s just opening) with friends to celebrate my b’day (Oct. 14th).

My baby Henry is due soon and I have been saying all along that he can come early/whenever he wants so long as I get to see the film. Well here we are. He’s not here yet.

I’d also really like to visit the Morgan Library/ Museum, a beautifully renovated old library in midtown Manhattan (we used to frequent when we lived nearby) that has an exhibit of Maurice Sendak’s original drawings/ manuscript from the book including the ones above.

I hope you see the movie, re-read the book and get in touch with your inner wild thing by making some mischief!

Have a beautiful weekend. XO.