Valentine’s Day Card round-up

Valentine's Day Card Round-up

This week is Maquette’s Valentine week! Each day will be a valentine related post- yesterday “perfect V-day outfit” today”cards” tomorrow a gift idea. So stay tuned! XO.

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to get to school on Valentine’s day cause everyone in your class got a card for you and perhaps some candies? Then at the playground you’d dig into a Sweethearts box and read your Valentine fortune on a candy heart?

Then when you got older you’d be sitting in your English class and someone would come around handing out roses that were for sale by the cafeteria and one would be for you from a secret admirer or someone on your bus?

Well those days are long gone. My husband will probably bring me some Jacques Torres chocolates which will suffice…but wouldn’t it be sweet to get one of these cards with a nice handwritten sentiment? I might give some to friends this year for old times sake.

  1. Rifle Paper Co.
  2. Ink & Wit
  3. Sub-Studio
  4. Treatzone