My folks

my folks
Thought I’d end the week with a photo of my parents. They’re on the beach in the winter in Montauk, New York. My dad set the auto timer and put his camera on a tripod. They look cute and that mustache is not ironic.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want that signed Milton Glaser documentary poster. I’ll randomly pick a winner this weekend and then you’ll own the poster! YAY!

Here in Brooklyn the cherry blossoms are truly swoon worthy. Baby Henry and I have been laying in their shade each afternoon practicing sitting up and also pulling on blades of grass. His nanny share is right across the street from the Brooklyn Museum and the Botanical Gardens. How ideal is that?!! The Cherry blossoms, Chinese Wisteria and Lilac trees make the place smell like paradise.

Hope you find a fragrant shady tree to relax under and think this weekend. XO.

*my parent’s hippy wedding