Well Suited: Sexy full piece swimsuits

well suited

Last summer I was very pregnant. I only went swimming once and it was so wonderful I regretted not going more but the end of the summer was nigh! I love nothing more than splashing about in a pool or better yet the ocean. This summer I want to swim a lot and bring Henry. Poor us, we’re so pale. We’ll have to lotion up and cover up as much as possible. He’ll wear something like this and I was thinking of trying to find a nice maillot. I love that these are wine colored. I think that might look nice with my fair freckled skin. I better start getting swim suit ready. Henry, get ready to go for a ride in your jogging stroller!

  1. Little Blaze Maillot, Marc Jacobs
  2. Kia once piece, Diane Von Furstenberg
  3. Bisque, Marc Jacobs

How about these old timey swim suits? Or this fun weekend get-a-way wear?