Simply perfect: Fall wish list

perfectly simple, simply perfect

As time goes by I desire more and more simplicity in my life. I want my apartment totally uncluttered, my purse organized, and my schedule not overloaded with events. I also wish for a clean, chic, and yet totally simple wardrobe full of timeless pieces that are well made, well cut and thoughtfully designed. I wish I could trade in almost everything I currently own for a selection of new pieces that fit this motto: Perfectly simple, simply perfect:

  1. T by Alexander WangTencel French dress
  2. Brvtvs: Calpernia necklace & bracelet by Caroline Prince
  3. Philip Lim: Ramona Sunglasses
  4. Sutton boots by JCrew

I’ve been negligent in my posting lately. First it was the dog days of August and now I’m just relishing my last little bit of freedom before I go back to juggling a hectic schedule again. I’ll be teaching 4 days a week, doing freelance illustration every minute that Henry’s asleep and when he’s awake I fully plan to adore him up. So basically what we’ve been doing  before the whirl wind resumes is lots of socializing with friends, long walks around Brooklyn pushing the stroller and getting the apartment in order. I feel like we’re always trying to optimize everything. So I guess the outfit above would make me feel as I want the apartment to look and feel. One day I’ll write a post announcing that I’ve done it, that everything is perfect and there’s not a speck of clutter anywhere. Though that may be a pipe dream as my drawings keep piling up on my drawing table and Henry’s books and toys are bound to adorn the floor from now until forever! Still I can dream.

I hope you had a lovely long weekend with your family and friends! I will post regularly from now on….promise!