Posters of Fortune: Abby Low

abby low

I read about this project on Hi + Low, the amazing Abby Low‘s blog. She was asked to participate in the Posters of Fortune project by the Type Directors Club. I’m a huge fan of Abby’s work and aesthetic. Amongst other amazing design clients and jobs, Abby led Kate Spade’s in house design team for a number of years (disclaimer, I chose to mention this because I love Kate Spade. I think one of my professional dreams would be do so something with that brand. Perhaps something like the Kate Spade planner or their monthly color collaborations with artists. Up this month, a Mike Perry (the color green) video featuring my friend Caroline of Brvtvs. Oh and Abby’s a co-creator of Harvey Faircloth.

Anyway, Abby’s a genius. Here are some great posts from her blog:

  1. mix tapes
  2. Klas Herbert
  3. XOXO rubik’s cube
  4. Airmail