Happy Anniversary Maquette + The Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration

the book is out....i'm in it

I seriously can’t believe that I’ve been penning maquette since August 2007…4 years people!  It’s been such a pleasure and I’m so happy to have you reading my thoughts, seeing my artwork and other art and design I love. Thank you thank you thank you for all of your support all of these years or for tuning in recently. I’ll do my best to continue finding interesting things to share. This is sure to be a banner year. I can barely contain myself regarding my upcoming show. I’ll be sharing sneak peek images soon and I have some really great projects coming out in September as well such as:

The Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration by Martin Dawber will officially be in your book store on September 9th but you can pre-order from Amazon now. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful illustration work on it’s over 400 pages. I’m honored to have my pin-up starlets included. I’ll share my spread when the book arrives.