Setting up nest and studio

baby room

We moved into our new apartment! I was so excited to finally get our things into the new space. Sure we will miss our Brooklyn hood but Manhattan is not half bad, I mean the Metropolitan Museum of art, Central park and authentic Ramen restaurants on the lower Eastside are nothing to scoff at.

I put a lot of elbow grease into the place before we arrived, painting all summer. I also reached out to a handful of sponsors who make and sell products I covet (see sidebar). Now that we are moved in there’s a lot to do. Figuring out the most efficient way to set up nest, studio and toddler lair are all on the agenda. I will be sharing lots of posts in the coming weeks with photos of the space as it comes together and sponsor features, showcasing the great furniture, lighting and products we’re using to decorate as well as some DIY projects. The finished apartment will be shot by the talented photographer, Tara Donne.

Before I get into the aesthetics I’ll share a little history of the place we live. This apartment originally belonged to my husband’s grandparents who moved in, in the 60’s. Shortly after they got married, Dave’s parents moved in and raised Dave and his sister in the building to be near their grandparents. When nana and baba passed away, Dave’s sister moved in then out and now we’re here. It’s a full circle as our toddler Henry (the namesake of Dave’s grandfather) will be a fourth generation resident.

We’re happy to be in the city we grew up in, the building Dave grew up in and this booming epicenter of life, art and culture that is New York city. I hope you will join me on my little foray into decorating the place we call home and studio.

In these photos: Century House sofa, Y Lighting lamp, & Charles P. Roger’s bed