A Thousand Ships show sneak peek: Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly_ Breakfast at Tiffanys 2011
What a happy day it was. The show is officially hung. It was quite an undertaking. The first day my intern Harriet and Anna of Gallery Hanahou helped frame and hang pieces and today my loving husband and other intern Alex finished (thanks for your amazing help everyone!).

There are over 175 original pieces on the walls and there will be a batch of 30 or so other originals on the table for perusal as well. It was like doing a challenging puzzle figuring out how and where to hang all of the different papers and frames. In the end it has a wild salon feel. I hope you will try to make it if you are in New York this Thursday evening.

Again, here are a select bunch of pieces available for pre-sale from now until the opening.

The piece featured above is one of the characters I illustrated from my women in literature vignette in the show. She’s Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote.