My new paper products for Galison/Anthropologie


Galison is one of my absolute favorite clients. It’s a perk that they work with Anthropologie giving me a chance to collaborate with both of them on fun paper products. Here are a few recent collections that are available from both Galison and Anthropologie (stores and online soon)! Hope you like. XOX.

P.S tomorrow I want to chat with you about some personal stuff. My husband told me that Maquette has been lack luster lately. He thinks I post too many photo juxtapositions and don’t share enough personal stuff. I have lots of blogger pals who share so much about themselves and I love reading it. I just don’t know how much to share and what kind of stuff. Do I share family stuff? Career stuff? Personal thoughts? I already share projects, daily drawings and of course things I’m inspired by. I’m now thinking about what else might be nice to share…..just thinking out loud here.