Soft Chambray shirt + Brvtvs necklace = Perfect uniform

me and caroline @ Brvtvs

This morning I met my friend Caroline of Brvtvs for breakfast at Peels. We did a double take upon greeting each other as we were both wearing chambray shirts, the exact same ones! We laughed and then proceeded to basically admit that we wear them as often as possible (case and point). I think a chambray shirt is perfect for any season. I wore mine post beach this summer and I plan to wear it all fall with trousers. Caroline’s delicate gold jewelry is the perfect accent with any chambray shirt but I especially love it with this soft, light one.

Madewell’s perfect chambray shirt (the exact one we wore this morning)


Claudia necklace from Caroline’s amazing jewelry line Brvtvs (it’s the one I’m wearing. I wear it all the time). Note Caroline’s necklace, it’s a new one that will come out soon. So stay tuned on her site!