Letters of Note: David Bowie


I am totally obsessed with Letters of Note. I could peruse it all day long for words of wisdom, inspiration and amusement. This is such a great letter from one of my all time favorite musicians David Bowie to the man who just signed him on with a record contract (November of 1970) filling him in on his life so far :

Dear Bob

I was born in Brixton and went to some Schools thereabout and studied Art. Then I went into an Advertising Agency which I didn’t like very much. Then I left and joined some Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands playing Saxophone and I sang some which nobody liked very much.

As I was already a Beatnik, I had to be a Hippie and I was very heavy and wrote a lot of songs on some beaches and some people liked them. Then I recorded ‘Space Oddity’ and made some money and spent it which everybody liked.

Now I am 24 and I am married and I am not at all heavy and I’m still writing and my wife is pregnant which I like very much.



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