Black all over

Black has always been one of my least favorite shades to wear. I always feel sort of bla when I wear it. Nevertheless, lately I’m feeling really compelled by it. As an artist consumed by color I spend a lot of time working with combinations of various hues. Maybe the reason so many designers wear black all of the time is that it’s serene, allowing your mind to rest and focus your cognitive energy on design choices in your work. It’s sort of a clean slate even more so than white. With white, you’ll see so much texture, the wrinkles, the movement. Black disguises that a bit until you get up close. There are so many shades of black. I love the idea of mixing different shades, textures and fabric weights for an interesting monochromatic effect. As for black makeup and nails, I think they’re always chic and a little badass.

  1. Zara Jumper
  2. pants, top, bag and sandals
  3. Dries Van Noten