Book party photos


Last night, we celebrated the publication of my book Well-Read Women at one of the most beautiful bookstores in NYC, Rizzoli. I knew some family and friends would come but I had no idea the place would be packed and that I’d be signing books all night. I was truly blown away by the turn out and utterly honored. I can’t even express how honored.

The sad thing is that my husband who had a camera was so busy chatting with guests that we barely got any photos. Luckily a few friends grabbed snaps. Here’s a little gist of the gathering. If you were there, thank you so much for coming!!

Here are all the photos we have. I wish I had one of everyone I love who attended!

p.s the snaps of me are from when they literally cleared everyone out. As we hit the street it occurred to us to get some snaps of me in front of the window with the poster and books. How’s that for after thought?
p.p.s I don’t even know how to begin saying how much love and support was in that room. Thank you friends!