Mother’s Day Commitment


Hope you all had a lovely mother’s day. I spent the day with my son and husband who showered me with affection and attention. What more could a mom ask for? Actually, it’s me who feels totally grateful. While mother’s day is a time to theoretically be celebrated, I believe it’s me who should be celebrating the decision to bring our son into the world, to commit to bringing him tons of joy, laughter, love and support through all of life’s inevitable ups and downs.

I love this Slate article by John Dickerson who suggests writing notes to your child and giving them to him or her at a later date to be determined. Our little posts on facebook here and there are ephemeral. We keep notes on what Henry says and does if it amuses, delights or amazes us but I think I want to do something that’s especially for him. Something that will show him how loved he has always been. So the letters will start now and I’m not certain when I’ll give them to him but it makes me happy to think about doing this special thing for him.

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