Vacation magic


We just got back from a week long vacation in the Hamptons. What incredible beaches on the south fork. On the north fork you get farms and beautiful country side and rocky beaches. We loved our time. The beginning portion of the trip was rainy but we found fun activities to keep Henry busy and he had a ball. The last couple of days were incredibly beautiful. We spent hours at the beach, combing for shells and beautiful pebbles, building sand castles and lounging around. Our last day we went to the north fork for berry picking. Is there anything better than a freshly picked berry? I think not.

Now we’re back and I’m inundated with work. I have 4 projects on my plate that are all extremely tight deadlines. It’s stressful I must say! I’m enjoying the work but there are not enough hours in the day. I’m hoping to finish them all in the next 3 weeks so that I can wind down a bit before the baby comes. I’d love to have a couple of easy going weeks. We’ll see. I tend to accept all jobs because it’s hard to say no and because some of them seem so great that I think I’d regret not taking them!

Anyway, I truly feel that vacations (time with family just focusing on each other and nothing else) are so life affirming. I’m so happy we took that time out from regular life. It was magical.