Making Ways: Podcast Interview

One of my favorite questions is “what do you do?”

I love talking about my career path and all of the winding roads that got me to where I am today, how I juggle family and work life and how I am now starting something brand new and how it feels to hustle again.

I was happy to sit down with a friend of mine from college and host extraordinaire, Rob Goodman who asks the burning questions on this awesome podcast.

Listen here.

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Hatch Collection: Holiday Muse

I’ve been illustrating for Hatch Collection since they first launched. I love their aesthetic and clothing so was super honored to be featured as their holiday art muse in their gift guide. Check out the full interview and my artsy gift pics from a signed Helen Frankenthaler serigraph to quarterlane winter box to Terrapin gift enclosures + more.

Thoughts on time

Tomorrow is my birthday. My kids are growing before my eyes at a frightening rate. I feel young and old at the same time. There’s so much I want to do in life but I also have perspective on where I’ve been and what I already have that I’m grateful for. I want to keep striding forward but at the same time want to freeze time because this moment, right now is probably as good as life will ever be unless some magical device is invented that will enable me take the accumulated moments of my life and compile and reconfigure them so that everyone I have ever loved would be here, in this place and time with me.

“Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.” – Marcus Aurelius

Images: Catherine Deneuve and her daughterRomy SchneiderIris Apfel 

Christopher David Ryan X Teen Vogue

unnamedI’m a huge huge fan of Christopher David Ryan. You could probably dig through my archives and find more than 10 posts about him since 2008 when I discovered his work. You can also just come over and see it around my apartment. I do a lot of fashion illustration but the kind of aesthetic I’m drawn to in other artist’s work is pretty much represented in everything Chris does. Geekily, I reply to all of his newsletters with some sort of compliment followed by too many exclamation marks. My favorite of his many series is the “hugs”. I dream of having him envelope my family (a photo of us) with one of his guys that are at once simple and economic line wise and yet imbued with so much love and warmth. Recently Teen Vogue hit him up to work at an event, quickly using snaps of the guests and enveloping them with his drawings. Swoon. Hollywood-09-CDR_grande

Hey Natalie Jean asked me: What’s in my makeup bag?

makeup (1)
My friend Natalie asked me if she could interview me on beauty, makeup and life for her feature What’s in Your Makeup Bag, I happily obliged! We talk about how I used to wear ugly lip liner in middle school and how I have alien eyes…among other things! Check it out.

Also pick up her amazing book: Hey Natalie Jean: Advice, Musings, and Inspiration on Marriage, Motherhood, and Style (gorgeously designed by another pal Abby Clawson Low).