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A Mother is a Story: Pinterest board

I love Pinterest. I have always had an archive of interesting images but since pinterest they’re now hosted online versus in random folders on my desktop. Since my book is coming out soon I decided to start a new board called A Mother is a Story. I’m pinning style that’s effortless; literally my criteria is no high heels or other uncomfortable things. I’m also posting family friendly but cool decor and anything else motherhood or family related. Check out the board and follow along if it’s your bag.

Images via:
1.  Stardust o sequins
2. Inonomimi
3. Design *Sponge
4. My shop

Ladies Drawing Night

Ladies drawing night

Last Night I was invited to hang out with Julia Rothman, Leah Reena Goren and Rachael Cole at Ladies Drawing Night.  They just get together to draw and paint and shoot the sh*t. Lately, they’ve been inviting other artists to join them for themed nights to capture the work and experience (photographer Kate Edwards was with us) for their upcoming Chronicle book.

Last night Mary Kate McDevitt and I were there for hand-lettering night. It was really cool to see how the other girls worked and with what materials and on what surface. We all had different styles so it was cool to see how they work in person. Some worked on one or two special pieces the whole night, while I filled scraps and scraps of different types of paper I brought for the occasion.

Thanks for letting me try your gouache Leah and your pens Mary. Julia and Rachel thanks so much for including me (I’m honored!!) and special thanks to Rudy the dog for not barking when I referred to you as a “he”. You are very lovely and feminine.



Seriously easy recipes + tips from friends who know

I recently asked some friends to share some of their easy (5 ingredients or close to it) go-to recipes and tips. We all have kids and need fast easy dinners with a minimum of ingredients and prep work (stuff you can make ahead and keep in the fridge for an easy heat-up-serve meal). All comments from the last month (and specifically this crispy tofu post) got deleted during a blog renovation so feel free to leave a link or comment here with your tip or recipe and check out The Forest Feast, Sunday Suppers, Small Plates & Sweet Treats and Wild Apple Journal.

I have to start with the best suggestion of all from Gemma Burgess,  “I have this amazing recipe called “” but it’s pretty complicated so maybe you guys should work up to it?”

And now for the rest:


Refinery 29 house tour

image-1  I was super honored when Refinery 29 asked to do a feature on me and my home. I’m due with my baby in a month so was a bit insecure about stepping in front of the camera but did it anyhow! We’ve been living here for about 5 months and it’s a work in progress. I think homes always are. They shift and change according to the inhabitants needs, wants and of course the flow of time. Here’s the feature, check it out!


Summer Instagram


There’s something truly magical about summer. Even though some days are sweltering and really uncomfortable, there are always days and evenings with beautiful light, lush trees and grass, blooming flowers, fireflies and refreshing breezes after the thunder storm. So I always enjoy following my friend’s instagram streams. Right now I have a friend in Sweden taking in some breathtaking sights, another just went camping. In looking at their photos I feel like I’m getting a little vicarious taste of their lives and the places they visit.

At 7+ months pregnant we’re having a pretty relaxing summer. I drop Henry off at camp in our neighborhood and then get to work in my studio. Weekends we hop a train to Long Beach for the day or hit the playgrounds or park. Next week were headed out for a week long trip full of pool and ocean swimming and lots of lounging around.

My instagram feed is lazy and chill as it should be during the summer months. I’ve been posting snapshots of daily life, beautiful evening light in my living room, a snap of a plane overhead from the beach and anything else that strikes my fancy. Feel free to follow along if you like.