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Laissezfaire’s top ten best new design blogs contest

image recap

Su Ling of Laissezfaire put a reminder out there that the Laissezfaire blog contest vote deadline is October 15th. If you would like to vote for Maquette or any other new design blog now is your final chance. I’m excited to pick up a few new blogs. I’m sure there’ll be some great ones to see.

Above are some images from Maquette this week:

Amenity bedding, Habitat chairs, Mary Jo Matsumoto logo, Dreams of flying/Trampoline flipping, and Cake topper.

Have a lovely weekend.


Habitat Uk: Dining chairs and Maquette news

Habitat Chairs with border by me

I love perusing Habitat dreamily. These modern dining chairs are really unobtrusive, their lines are clean and their shape so appealing. Matching is always safe but I can see mixing colors a little within one of the designs.

Sigh….another household item to add to the list. If in reality we were to purchase all the things we wanted we’d be wearing barrels with suspenders.

I added the pink border drawing in for kicks.

***In other news blog posted about my DIY cupcake topper/ sculpture!!!! I am so thrilled and thankful. I think they’re so fantastic.

And Trust Your Style mentioned me and my husband after filling my eyes with glorious sunshine yellow!

My birthday is Sunday so next time I post I’ll be a bit older and wiser. Older at least.


Art MoCo- Modern Contemporary Art


I’m so excited that Art MoCo featured my paintings yesterday. It’s a fantastic web magazine that I check everyday. I always find interesting art in all media to look at from all over the world. I really love their interpretation of my work. Here’s what they said:

“The topic of women and food can be a touchy one, so it is fascinating to see painter Samantha Hahn approach the subject. Hahn’s works are bold statements with very clear visuals, yet there is, at the same time, room for interpretation. Examining why and how we eat is key, and there is no shortage of emotion and reasoning involved. No doubt viewers will see these three provocative paintings quite differently. Some will question their own relationships with food, others will be cynical, or perhaps disgusted, some will sigh and wish we could all simply enjoy our food – but all will react in some way.”

and here’s the link to Art MoCo’s post.