Hair Apparent: Bubblegum pink bob

I’ve decided to make time each day to do a little play. I can get so bogged down in work and leave myself no mess around time so now I’m going to enforce a rule that I must do at least one playful piece a day. It can take 1 minute to 20 minutes…however long I have or want depending on my workload. Today, I added to my instagram series #hairapparent where I do some loose interpretations of hair styles. I had some tissue paper so I drew a face and overlaid the pink pieces on top. I didn’t even use glue. I kind of like the idea that these pieces are totally ephemeral. After snapping a photo I tilted the picture forward and blew the tissue paper scraps into the trash…and that’s that. Happy Monday.

Bright Lab: Colorful cotton string lights

bright lab2
bright lab The ever talented Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! recently launched a new company that sells gorgeous, colorful cotton lights. Welcome to the world Bright Lab. I’m actually obsessed and kind of want more than one set. I am definitely getting some for our new baby (coming in 2 weeks). We just don’t know her color scheme yet. Isn’t that strange of me to give each of my children their own color scheme? It may sound odd but I kind of love it for Henry. Orange is the main color I pick for him from a rocking chair to a sun hat and then accent colors of birch, white and black. I don’t know what Vivian’s colors will be yet but I am definitely getting her a strand of these beauties. I’m in love with both the sorbet set and the metallic.

You can follow Bright Lab on facebook and instagram too.

OliveBox X Well-Read Women

olivebox march (1)
I’m beyond excited to announce that the March OliveBox includes my book Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines.

My friend Grace Kang the incredible entrepreneur and Pink Olive shop owner thought Well-Read Women would be perfect to celebrate Women’s History Month as well as the OliveBox monthly theme…watercolor!

Each box also includes my Eat Work Cuddle Sleep print and a notecard from Monica Lee.

If you would like to purchase the March box, drop a note to If you’d like to subscribe to OliveBox you can join here.

Randi Brookman Harris: Prop Stylist


I’ve mentioned my friend Randi Brookman Harris before. The moment I saw her orange palette print I knew it had to be mine. I love it so much. Henry always lets me know he’d eat the chip, candy and cheese doodle. Me too, little one, me too. Anyway, Randi just updated her site. There’s a wealth of talent to behold. Randi is a true master of prop styling.

The Forest Feast cookbook!

I’m beyond excited to announce that you can now pre-order my dear friend Erin‘s incredible cook book. The Forest Feast, hits shelves in April. It’s based on Erin’s blog and features 100 (mostly new!) vegetarian recipes.

Pre-Order Here!

I’ve known Erin for over a decade, we used to live in the same building. Erin always had the best parties with amazing food, the kind of recipes where you say to yourself, “I can make that…but she makes it look so gorgeous”. Whatever she makes, no matter how do-able, she elevates it. Now you get the inside scoop and this stunning book for your coffee table…or kitchen counter as it may be.