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Dangly earrings & dangly chandeliers

Dangling earrings post

I love Doyle & Doyle, a stunning little shop with exquisite vintage and estate pieces. It’s a pretty penny but worth perusing for the sake of fantasy at the least. I particularly love the dangly earrings above. They’re so striking. I decided to make a little illustration for them.

I am totally blown away by labour of heart* blog. It’s a work of art in and of itself. While perusing it recently I came across the UK co. delusions of grandeur. They make these fabulous chandeliers and candelabras etc. I wish I could wear the Doyle & Doyle earrings and live in a house with a funky chandelier from delusions of grandeur. Ah….to dream.

delusions of grandeur


A little illustration for high waisted jeans (Rich & Skinny) & high waisted heros via stylehive

High waisted jeans (Skinny & Rich) illustration (by Samantha Hahn)and images via Stylehive blog, superfly logo

The marvelous blog at stylehive did a great feature on high waisted heros a while back. I loved the images they chose so I sampled a few and added my favorite of the h.w jeans available on the market today. They’re Rich & Skinny (I’m not), available on Shopbop.  They’re a pretty penny so I’ll just have to think about them lovingly. For their cost I could live in Bali for 5-7 years.

For some great 70’s reference, I found a site that has posters, fashion and 70’s galore. If you are looking for a photo of a boy in gold lame on roller skates doing hola hoop this is the place to look.


Bauble bauble toil and trouble

bauble bauble toil and trouble

I’m loving these gorgous Madame Fortuna necklaces on Etsy and many other fine boutiques around the country. They’re a far more sophisticated take on the old school charm necklace I used to wear with the mini plastic toothpaste tube and mini key (that you could clip onto the hot magenta plastic chain) from my childhood in the 80’s.

The ring and earrings from Erie Basin in Red Hook, Brooklyn (online shopping available) are so lovely and antique looking.


Man Bands


The Autumn chill is near. When your veins are vaso-constricted and you are fumbling for your keys languorously, look for a solution.

Here it is men, wristbands! Remember the ones from the 70’s? They were terry cloth (passé unless you are a juicy suit wearer).

These knit ones are cool, different, and they serve a function. I feel that most men’s clothing should be functional.

So men follow the Bauhaus rule “form follows function� and look fresh while keeping warm when the days get chilly.

1.Skull bands

2.Beaded bands